Dr Ramakanta Prustry
B. P. College of Business Administration

Walking each step with the motto of our Trust Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal as set by our predecessors Pujya Chhagnbha, Das Kaka and respected late Shri Maneklal M. Patel (Saheb), we, since the inception of our college, have been putting relentless hard work to serve the society focusing on the downtrodden. Our main thrust has been to create successful corporate individuals with the help of quality education and values of life who have immense capacity to take up responsibility for themselves, of their family and of the society. This college takes the pride of nurturing its students with the best possible method of grooming and in an ambience that itself is a class apart.
We try our best to take even the smallest of the small care for the students in the process of developing their career and life. Disciplinary rules in the campus are strict. But we have made sure that the importance of such rules is understood and realized by each student, faculty member and staff. For instance, wearing I-card and uniform may look to be a very tiny practice, but it is taken seriously and religiously by our students. Along with regular studies, sports activities, cultural activities, industry visits, attending seminars and conferences, remaining involved in social works are a an integral part of the student life in the campus. Students enjoy and learn. In nut-shell, as our beloved late M M Sir used to make us remember time and again, over all development of the student personality should be the core objective of management study and paying due respect to his words, the college has been practicing such noble things with regour.