Frescoes – Editorial

Frescoes 2013 commemorates the academic feats of B.P. College of Business Administration in chronology. The annual college magazine unfolds the expeditions undertaken to hit scholastic perfection in the true sense of the word. An atelier proudly unfurls the radiant decade of B.P.College of Business Administration’s progressive Academic graph.
At the outset, Frescoes 2013 devotes the prime section to the Lord Ganesha’s Festival 2012 celebrated by B.P.C.B.A.
The cover story heralds the scholarship conferred on 30 students of B.P.C.B.A as a tribute to late Shri M.M. Patel sir by Kadi Sarva Vishwavidayalya. Acting on the privilege, Frescoes 2012-13 sparkle with the legendary icons of our Trust; Pujya Chhagnaba and Shri M.M.Patel Sir reflecting their feats. Internationalism is the watch-word in contemporary Business context asserting vocational excellence. The industries call for inventive, exploratory and refined young minds for incessant advancement. Observing the modern protocols of Business, the notable creative cerebrums of our college capture space in the elite-wit segment. The Research wing in Frescoes 2013 magnifies the capstone projects undertaken by the final semester students duly guided by the faculty at B.P.C.B.A. The Aptitude & Training section reports the Workshops organized to condition Management caliber of our students in 2012-13.

Special Features:

Management and leadership are indivisible in modern Business World thus Business Management entails divergent skills requisite in Managers thereof. So, the Management -Manifestation segment highlights the co-curricular events organized under the college banner. The sport stars 2013 magnify Gold and Silver medals haul by our young achievers. The reminiscences magnify the cherished experience shared by our Alumni. Frescoes heeded to cast its major event, MAGNET- the Management Exhibition 2012-13. Frescoes 2013 showcases the external laurels and remains indebted to the admirers of B.P.C.B. A.

Here, Frescoes 2012-13 in its vow presents the intact occupation of BPCBA and its brilliance.


  • Dr. Ramakant Prusty
  • Dr. Jayesh Tanna
  • Prof. Jyoti Nehra