Are You Looking For Top BBA College In Gujarat?

Stop your search at BPCBA and believe us that you will be spending best of your years in education filed over here. In this institute the students are not only rewarded with the degree of BBA that is UGC and AICTE recognized but studying inside the campus gives professional knowledge about learning extra skills and industrial training that helps to gain industrial advantages. Studying BBA at BPCBA has multi-fold payback. Students who got a chance to study at BPCBA consider themselves lucky. Studying and spending three years in this institute is a lifetime experience and an opportunity where students can spend best time of their life by learning so many things at a time.

You do not requires to spend extra years learning other things related to business management, once you enroll with BPCBA you will be in the side of profit after completing BBA degree from reputed institute. The subjects taught at BPCBA for BBA provides better understanding for MBA education and skills learn can be more solidified in P.G. level education course. Go and get your degree from best college of business administration and build a solid foundation for your future.

BBA In Gujarat

The degree of BBA is best suited for the students who are looking to get their career build into field of business management and entrepreneurship. This course really helps students to gain knowledge about different fields of organisational management and help them to take right decision in critical situation. BBA in Gujarat is one of the fast emerging undergraduate courses for students looking to study commerce. It is also considered as best qualification for those who are looking to study more for management. BBA course is also useful for those who are looking to start their own small business or planning to join their family business and expand it further.
Eligibility Criteria for the BBA course.

Students can join BBA course based on the completion of their higher secondary education or equivalent exams. Eligibility for BBA includes 12th standard, diploma course and junior college. However, to gain admission in BBA it is compulsory to get your minimum qualification from recognised university or state boards. Some of the college of business administration in Gujarat requires passing 12th with English subjects and minimum of 50% marks.

Documentation Requirements For BBA Admission

• Mark sheet / proof clearing higher secondary exams.
• Birth Certificate / School Leaving Certificate
• Identity Proof / Birth Certificate

Subjects Taught In BBA

Degree course of BBA is divided into 3 years and 6 semesters. Each year includes two semesters. Each semester will have different subjects to learn about as well as in final year there would be a part of industrial training for students to get some practical exposure. The course will cover various subjects that are mentioned below.

• Accountancy
• Basic Business Management
• Organisation Structure & Dynamics
• Human Resource Management
• Economics
• Marketing Management
• Advertising & Brand Management
• Business Law
• Finance
• Basics of Computers
• Operation Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Consumer Behaviour
• Project Management
• Business Communication

Most of the top BBA colleges in Gujarat have almost similar kind of syllabus with difference in subject level and industrial exposure. We at BPCBA, always give more preference to extracurricular activities and industrial projects. Doing this gives student a real knowledge about business administration and makes them job ready once they step out from the campus. Providing industrial targeted syllabus and giving more emphasis on real world problem solution techniques makes BPCBA best BBA College in Gujarat and its courses amongst the favourite for students as well as industries.

Career Options After BBA Degree

The degree of Bachelor of Business Administration or popularly known as BBA is an undergraduate program for the students looking to pursue their career into the field of business administration or entrepreneurship. The degree is awarded to the students at the completion of third successful year and six semesters. Many education institutions affiliate with the state university, national university or some private institutes in Gujarat offers such course for students who have passed 12th board with at least 50% overall marks. After completion of BBA with good grades, students have a chance to start a careen in organization from the bottom level to apply for some higher studies as well.

Some of the specific opportunities into the different fields for the students of BBA are mentioned below. Students can take any of below mentioned specialized field based on their choice of interest.

• Marketing Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Sales & Distribution
• Human Resource Management
• Accounting & Auditing
• Training & Development
• International Business Management
• Supply Chain Management

Different fields where students can work after BBA degree are mentioned below.
• Advertising Agency
• Advisory & Law Firms
• Banking
• Information Technology
• Insurance & Other Non Banking Finance Sector
• Aviation
• Fashion Industry
• Real Estate
• Tourism & Hotel Management

Those students who are looking to work and study simultaneously after BBA can opt for some PG course from reputed institutes in Gujarat and work part time for their job. Or they can opt for some correspondence course and work for the fulltime to gain professional experience. Both of these options are good based on the personal interest to pursue their career and learn simultaneously.

Students can also choose to work in government sector into different fields based on the clearance of Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) or Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). They can also choose to go for civil defence field and pursue their career in Army, Navy or Air Force. Many nationalised banks arrange their individual exam and some of them recruit through BSRB – Banking Staff Recruitment Board. BBA students can apply for both of the exams.

We at BPCBA always encourage students to take specialised field based on their interest only because we believe students will be able to perform his best. Choosing career option is one of the most important decision one take and making it perfect on the first go is nothing better than the best.

Apart from regular classroom studies and lectures we encourage students to take participation into other activities like sports, inter college competition, paper presentation, quiz, seminars and more. We know these are the foundation years for any students and what it makes the best for them are not only by learning the subjects but gaining overall knowledge that makes them job ready for competitive professional field. Doing this continuously since our inception is our success pedagogy and this is what differentiate us from others and names us as top BBA college in Gujarat.

Choosing Between BBA+MBA And Integrated Five Years MBA In Gujarat

Integrated five years MBA is program is amongst the new trends that getting competitive compare to the traditional three years BBA plus two years of MBA program. Actually both starts with three years undergraduate level BBA program that is designed for the students passed 10+2 intermediate school education.

The eligibility criteria for both of the course are same as they requires to pass 10+2 with good marks to get into best BBA college in Gujarat. Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree course spanned for three years that offers excellent introduction to organisational culture and develops interpersonal skills as well. While the integrated MBA course is spanned for five years and those who pursue gets degree of MBA at the successful end of fifth year. The possible difference between BBA+MBA and integrated five years MBA are mentioned below.

BBA Advantage

Degree education of BBA is offered by almost all universities in Gujarat and upon completion of the course, the candidate will be awarded with degree of Bachelor Of Business Administration. BBA graduate can pursue their master degree with multiple choices. Here the advantage of the course is that you can get second option if you want to change your stream and diver to other subject of courses. After BBA one can pursue his career of education into MCA, M.Sc.IT, PGDBM from IIMs or from any other reputed institutes. The student can also get a chance to take a break from the education for some personal reason or to get industrial experience by working in some professional organisations. Such experience can help students in large amount before enrolling into MBA degree.

Some of the lucrative areas for those who have completed BBA examinations are mentioned below.

– Sales & Distribution.
– Direct Marketing.
– Product Promotion.
– Operations.
– Banking.
– Finance

Integrated Five Years MBA Advantage

The integrated MBA program is offered by few colleges in Gujarat compare to the BBA. This allows students to get qualify for having MBA degree education based on their 10+2 merit and get specialisation into Marketing, Finance, HR, IT Management, Operations and many other management subjects.

Core Difference Between Two Courses

Integrated MBA degree based on the 10+2 merit list can prove an economic decision compare to the BBA+MBA option including you can rest assure for your MBA admission based on the three year degree. Also you need no have to search for the other institutes for master degree. However this can prove as a negative advantage as well because you cannot move to other courses or colleges based on your degree course. You got fix chance to get your MBA done.

Latest Trends For BBA Education In Gujarat

The students who have recently passed out with the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration know that the current business scenario is vastly different than the one that was a decade ago. The fact that the today’s graduate are amongst the new trends of business management that mostly grow and learn into the era of industrial liberalisation. The current scenario of BBA education is mainly focus not on the business management or administration but about creating solid foundation for the master degree in management like MBA or MBM. Furthermore there are new aspects of learning are now introduced by some of the top BBA colleges in Gujarat like E-learning, giving more exposure to practical studies and obtaining industrial training as a part of the regular curriculum.

The course of BBA is generally expanded into the parts of three years which is also spread out in six semesters in total. However, according to the latest trends in Gujarat, some of the college of business administration are planning to introduce trimester system where they can emphasise more on students with small syllabus per exam organised in more regular duration. This will lead to the better industrial and practical exposure as well by counting each trimester as industrial project every year. It will also help students to get ready for real managerial education in MBA. Also the latest trends of E-learning like managing classes on Internet gaining popularity and helping students who couldn’t make out to some of the best BBA colleges in Gujarat. It also helps students to interact with more number of students directly on the base of Internet and share knowledge.

On a ground reality we can say that above mentioned trends are not implemented on a grand scale to all the BBA colleges in Gujarat, it has certainly helps some of the institute to gain better popularity and students to get knowledge beyond the classrooms.

Possible Jobs After The Degree Of BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration or famously known as BBA is an under graduation course specially designed for the students willing to pursue their career in business management. Though having a BBA degree is not enough in this era of competition, but it definitely helps one to create a solid foundation for the further education. After the completing 3 years the students can be get placed into the different organisations and can allotted with different areas of work. The job option for BBA graduate is open for both private sector as well as government sector.

Excellent pay scale could be offer to those who have good knowledge of subjects as well as better communication skills. Also there are numbers of higher study option available to those who have passed out from the top BBA College in Gujarat.

Opportunities for BBA Student To Work With Private Sector Organisations

Private sector industries are well known for their competitive advantage and better pay masters compare to government sectors. Also it provides better living standards and some family advantages as well. Following are some of the most common private sector jobs one can pursue after their BBA degree.

– Advertising Industry
– Banking
– Insurance
– Aviation
– Hospitality & Tourism
– Consumer Durables
– IT Companies
– Advisory & Consultancy Firms
– Media House
– Entertainment Industry

Opportunities for BBA Student To Work With Government Sector Organisations

Public sector organisations and Government undertaken industries are widely open for BBA students. It provides lot of working outline where BBA graduates can fit themselves. The most preferred government sector for BBA graduate is banking sector. Other financial institutions are also a great place to work for such graduates. Based on the skills and experienced of the student, they will be lifted to senior position where they assigned with decision making process and taking stronger role into the growth of the organisation.

Most of the BBA graduates passed from college of business administration are good in dealing with managerial position and handling responsibilities related to marketing, finance, human resource, law, and strategy and business collaboration. These students are flexible to their nature and can opt for any of the job profile based on their skills and interest.

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