Possible Jobs After The Degree Of BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration or famously known as BBA is an under graduation course specially designed for the students willing to pursue their career in business management. Though having a BBA degree is not enough in this era of competition, but it definitely helps one to create a solid foundation for the further education. After the completing 3 years the students can be get placed into the different organisations and can allotted with different areas of work. The job option for BBA graduate is open for both private sector as well as government sector.

Excellent pay scale could be offer to those who have good knowledge of subjects as well as better communication skills. Also there are numbers of higher study option available to those who have passed out from the top BBA College in Gujarat.

Opportunities for BBA Student To Work With Private Sector Organisations

Private sector industries are well known for their competitive advantage and better pay masters compare to government sectors. Also it provides better living standards and some family advantages as well. Following are some of the most common private sector jobs one can pursue after their BBA degree.

– Advertising Industry
– Banking
– Insurance
– Aviation
– Hospitality & Tourism
– Consumer Durables
– IT Companies
– Advisory & Consultancy Firms
– Media House
– Entertainment Industry

Opportunities for BBA Student To Work With Government Sector Organisations

Public sector organisations and Government undertaken industries are widely open for BBA students. It provides lot of working outline where BBA graduates can fit themselves. The most preferred government sector for BBA graduate is banking sector. Other financial institutions are also a great place to work for such graduates. Based on the skills and experienced of the student, they will be lifted to senior position where they assigned with decision making process and taking stronger role into the growth of the organisation.

Most of the BBA graduates passed from college of business administration are good in dealing with managerial position and handling responsibilities related to marketing, finance, human resource, law, and strategy and business collaboration. These students are flexible to their nature and can opt for any of the job profile based on their skills and interest.

BBA – Properly Opted Career Objective

The bachelor degree in business management is considered as a stepping stone to enter into the field of business administration and to become CEO or MD of any company. However, the course of BBA is not taken seriously as it should be and at the end student just enroll with the degree of BBA but not the knowledge it requires. It counts as great misfortune or comedy as millions of students every year opt for the BBA education but end up with frustration of not getting proper job or higher study possibilities. Mainly the degree of BBA is considered as a course for the left out after the 10+2 stage for the students who failed to get admission to other degree courses like BCA and B.Sc. IT, some of the candidates passing BBA have claim the statement wrong based on the opportunities they got.

What To Do After BBA?

There are many career options available for the intelligent students passing out the BBA examinations from some top BBA college in Gujarat with good results. These candidates can opt for higher education for degrees like MBA, PGDBM, MCA or others. Also they can think about doing a job into professional organisations into the sectors of Banking, Insurance, Sales & Distribution, Production and IT. Hospitality and tourism industry is also one of the booming sectors in Gujarat that can consume all these students with good knowledge. Thus the eligible students can have various career options to pursue his or her career.


It is completely wrong to say that the degree of BBA – Bachelor Of Business Administration is for the students of left outs from the other degree courses. There are many college of business administration in Gujarat that makes your career as a good business administrator based on your degree and education. Therefore at the end the observation about BBA needs to be changed.

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Introduction of BBA As A Career Objective

It is necessary for every student to know what the syllabus is and what the future perspectives of any degree before opting for it. This is applicable to every student for opting professional degree course. Particularly for the student who have just passed 10+2 from the Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board or from other education institutions. Several options available for the student after passing 10+2 with commerce are BBA, B.Com and BCA. Out of these three, the Bachelor of Business Administration or commonly known as BBA is one of the bright option for higher studies.

BBA is one of the most advanced streams of under graduation study based on the curriculum it offers and the opportunities it has for the post graduation studies. BBA students are exposed to multiple subjects during their three years or six semesters of studies like marketing, finance, economics, corporate communication, human resource, accounting, sales and distribution, supply chain management, advertising and taxation. With growing industrial scenario in Gujarat and expanding liberalization in the state’s economy, the need for professional business administrators are constantly on the rise.

Eligibility Criteria For Enrolling In BBA Education

Students must have passed HSC examinations from the state’s higher secondary education board. Also they require having minimum percentage to get enrolment and apply for the merit list.

Syllabus Outlook Of BBA

Syllabuses are prepared and continuously change on a regular basis based on the corporate demands and mainly it consumed study of different subjects mentioned above.

Course Duration

The Bachelor’s Degree of BBA – Bachelor Of Business Administration is offered at the successful end of three years of education. Further each year is divided into two syllabuses hence students need to clear all six semesters with minimum passing mark to gain degree from the university.

Career Opportunities

It is widely accepted that the entire organisation involved in providing services or product to large number of customers and running big organisations requires management professionals. Acquiring BBA degree from the best BBA College in Gujarat will help students to take up the job as a management trainee and grow to some higher managerial position.

Best Place To Pursue BBA In Gujarat

B. P. College Of Business Administration
Sector 23, GH-6 Circle
E-Mail: info@bpcba.org
Call:+91 79 232 45 735

Prospective Future Of BBA Placements In Gujarat

The degree of BBA is amongst the largely insisted courses that presently draw attention to the youth of Gujarat. This is because BBA offers excellent perspective for placements into the field of marketing, sales, business management, finance and human resource. Especially if the degree of BBA is earned from the top BBA College in Gujarat, the chances are even better. Analysing BBA course from the prospective of placements, it is an ideal way to enter into the professional organizations and start a career with salary packages that lure everyone.

Placement Scenario For Fresh Passed BBA Student:

The course structure of BBA has excellent components that requires for any student to get job ready in corporate world. The types of organizations who have opted to hire students from the BBA campus are banking and insurance sector, pharmaceuticals, telecom, automobile, manufacturing and IT companies.

Most of the talented students at the timing of their campus placement can expect salary around Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000. Thus the placement opportunities for BBA student is comparatively higher compare to other degree courses.

Type of Jobs for BBA Student:

Most of the students as fresher placed in the organisations into the profile of marketing and sales, market research, financial accounting and business analysis. The managerial aspects of candidate would be test during the early days of the job. And based on that, the profile with more responsibility is assigned as they promote to senior positions. The early days are also a learning curve for the student to gain much knowledge about the organization and the working culture of the company. It also helps students to gain subject knowledge from the front.

Are you looking to get more knowledge about the BBA degree and the education at campus? Then please visit BPCBA Gandhinagar institute and get in touch with our faculties to get clear idea about the degree and what makes BPCBA the best BBA college in Gujarat.

BBA Education in Gujarat – Stepping The First Step Towards Management Education

Think about the Gujarat and tell us which the first thing that comes into your mind? Is it a ports, lion sanctuary, tasty Gujarati food or some of the top educational institutes like IIMA, IRMA, MICA and NID. Also you can think about the industrial capacity Gujarat holds for manufacturing chemicals and machinery, textile and diamonds and latest venture that Gujarat has done into the world of IT and automobile. And with the growing industrialisation it has become the most business friendly state in India with most of the national and international investors are looking to start their firm in Gujarat. The same industrial revolution has resulted into increased requirements for employment opportunities in the state.

According the latest survey done by the research agency, the state of Gujarat will generate around 5000 jobs every year into the field of production and management. Reflecting to this great employment opportunities arise in last few years, there are many BBA institutes and college of business administrations have come up in Gujarat to provide knowledge and ground realities related to business administration.

With the upcoming industries, production houses and service providers in the Gujarat, qualified professionals with skills and knowledge about the business administration and commercial management are required in big numbers. And that is why most of the students looking to make their career into business management opt for BBA education in Gujarat. It is count as the stepping stone for the amateur student to understand the complex nature of the organizations and how the business is run and grow.

It becomes compulsory for any student to know various operations for defining the nature of the business as well as initiate progress. Therefore when you take your first step in the profession as an individual, you need to know the task and style of organization. Best BBA College in Gujarat like BPCBA always target to offer the career oriented education for management aspirants which can help on a longer run to deal with the volatile nature of commercial industry.

BBA degree gained from the good institute put a robust foundation to know students all about the functionalities and operations of the business environment, how the decision making process is followed in the industry, what sort of market research is done before launching any product and what are the circumstance of international economy on the Indian business environment. Therefore many organizations hire BBA graduates based on their familiarity related to subject matter.

It is necessary for any job aspirants to know about the business culture in particular region, the economy of the state, how the organizations run under the circumstances of social, cultural and geographical aspects. Top BBA Colleges in Gujarat aims to provide holistic study that comprises working differences in all these situations. In addition, studying BBA in Gujarat will give you familiarity regarding the best known entrepreneurial spirit of the Gujarat state. Pursuing BBA course from any apparent institute in the state will surely offer you a thought related to the available business resources and will help also while pursuing career as an entrepreneurs.

As the Gujarat is making outstanding growth in the area of industrial revolution, the firm requirements of trained and knowledgeable professionals are getting bigger and bigger. And for that the BBA colleges in Gujarat have become a good source of people who can run the industry and carry forward the financial growth of the Gujarat state.

BBA College And BBA Education In Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the wealthiest states in India for economy and business growth. The same top rank attitude of Gujarat also underlined when it comes to higher education in the state. The state is a home of some of the reputed institutes and universities like IIMA, MICA, IRMA, Nirma University, NID, NIFT and more as well as some of the reputed government universities like Gujarat University and MS University.

BBA is a dream course for anyone looking to create career in business management and want to go further for MBA after graduation. However, doing any other graduation qualifies students to enrol for MBA but opting masters on the base of BBA has an edged advantage. Most of the students believe that BBA could be the best stepping stone for getting into MBA. Therefore there is an ever going competition amongst the students to get admission into the top BBA College in Gujarat like BPCBA.

Admission Criterion For Enrolling Into BBA Colleges In Gujarat

Getting admission into BBA colleges as specialised business school or other commerce institutes enrolled with UGC and AICTE in Gujarat, candidates need to pass higher secondary examination held by the state government of Gujarat or other states from India. Student passes out from the central board can also apply. Most of colleges offered admission based on the merit individually prepared based on the last exam results and in this case it is HSEB result. However, this is not performed always as some of the colleges may opt for the pre qualifying examination for students to get admission for BBA into college of business administration.

Education Structure For BBA In Gujarat

BBA education for most of the best BBA Colleges in Gujarat extends for a period of three years which is further dived into six semesters. The course structure for BBA is further divided into subjects that are purely a teaching purpose, Industrial exposure and developing different skills like business communication, public speaking, negotiation and more.

A Quick Overview Of B. P. College Of Business Administration BBA Syllabus

BPCBA BBA is a professional and industry oriented program designed for the students to get ready for the management arena of competitive world. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that BPCBA BBA education offers highly professional degree course for the serious students thinking about career building. The syllabus of BBA is specially designed for making the knowledge part of the student stronger and offering different specializations in areas of business management. And this is what makes the BPCBA the best BBA College in Gujarat.

The BBA degree of BPCBA aims to prepare students’ practical management skills, problem solving skill, in-depth knowledge of subjects, communication skills and decision making ability. The students after completing the education of BBA will be able to enter into the field of Banking, Sales & Distribution, Marketing, Financial Management, Accounting, Project Management and Market Research. Particularly the areas of Insurance, Banking and Sales & Distribution are always keen to accept students with qualified BBA degree. BBA education will give benefit to the students from several sides by learning core subjects and making hand on experience of specialised subjects from the academic perspective.

Subjects Taught At BPCBA for BBA

– Principles Of Management
– Financial Management
– Marketing Management
– Human Resource Management
– Communication Skills
– Managerial Economics
– Business Law
– Organization Behaviour
– Consumer Behavior
– Business Communication
– Production & Operation Management
– Economics
– Business Accounting
– Quantitative Mathematics For Business
– Logistic & Distribution Management
– Entrepreneurial Development
– Advertising, Sales & Promotion

Are you looking to know more about the Institute or about teaching at BPCBA. Please visit the campus and interact with students and faculties about the education and other facilities offered by the institute. Or write us to know more about the BPCBA at info@bpcba.org.

B. P. College Of Business Administration – BBA Admission Procedure & Eligibility Criteria

BPCBA Admission Criteria 2013-2014

The B. P. college Of Business Administration is one of the best BBA College in Gujarat. The institute is managed by Sarva Vidylaya Kelavani Mandal and operated under SVK University Gandhinagar. Apart from the Gandhingar city and surrounding north Gujarat region, students from all over the state and different parts of the country are visiting the campus to take the education from the well established campus of BPCBA. The institute has received lots of reorganization from the state of Gujarat. The best thing about the BPCBA is it’s infrastructure and facilities like library, canteen, hostel, sports and other recreation that makes it best from the other BBA institute in Gujarat. The institute is recognised by both UGC and AICTE for providing BBA education in campus.


Eligibility for the BBA admission in BPCBA.

In order to get admission in BBA in BPCBA, students have to pass their higher secondary examination organised by GHSEB or other states’ higher secondary education boards.

For the minimum requirements of eligibility of percentage required should be mentioned in admission form for both general class and reserved class student.

Duration of BBA Education:

The Course for BBA is divided into three years and six semesters.
At the successful end of the education from the campus after three years, the students will be awarded with the degree of Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA) from the SVK University – Gandhinagar.

Contact Details

B. P. College Of Business Administration
Sarva Vidyalaya Campus
Sector 23, GH-6 Circle
Gandhinagar – 382023
Email: info@bpcba.org
Call: +91 079 232 45 735

Choosing Best BBA Education In Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the most prosperous and business oriented state in the western part of the India. The educational facilities in Gujarat are well established and one can find many national level institutes in Gujarat like IIMA, NID, NIFT, DAIICT, PDU, CEPT, Nirma University, MICA and many more. There are almost all sorts of higher education facilities available in Gujarat and most of them are very well ahead compare to other states in India. Particularly for the commerce and management education has wide spread with range of under graduate and post graduate institutes in Gujarat.

One of such college of business administration in Gujarat is B. P. College Of Business Administration. Established in 1999, this college is ranked amongst the best BBA college in Gujarat with offering world class education facilities, best libraries, learned and experienced faculties and other recreation facilities. This institute is a part of philanthropic education trust managed by Sarva Vidylaya Kelavani Mandal and operated under SVK University Gandhinagar. Also known as BPCBA, this institute is approved by the UGC and AICTE both.

The Importance Of BBA Education

– BBA fulfils increasing personnel requirements in corporate houses.
– BBA helps organizations to widespread it wings.
– BBA links producers and consumers with effective marketing strategy and implementations.
– BBA generates employment opportunities through entrepreneurship.
– BBA helps nation by increasing national income and per capita income.

Why Choose BBA As Career Option?

Bachelor Of Business Administration is a good field to choose as a career objective. It helps students to know about the national and international economy, business management and business administration, marketing, advertising, consumer behaviour, finance, taxes, business law, entrepreneurship and many more that helps them to lead their career in a good lead. BBA education is generally divided in three part process of learning knowledge, developing skills and gaining positive attitude and behaviour for the working in professional environment.
College of business administration is the place where students develops required knowledge, learn new skills of arguing and negotiating and develop attitude of never compromising against the competitors for becoming successful businessman of the industry. Not only this, BBA education gained from top BBA college in Gujarat helps to create robust base for MBA, MCA, CA, CS and other professional educations.

Options for Post Graduation Courses After BBA

– MBA – Masters Of Business Administration
– MBM – Masters Of Business Management
– M. Com. – Masters Of Commerce
– MCA – Masters In Computer Application
– M.Sc. IT – Masters Of Science Information Technology

Particularly student choose BBA courses for gaining better knowledge about business administration and other management subjects that helps them for creating robust foundation for MBA. Students opting for MBA after BBA can choose career stream into the different fields of Brand Management, Marketing Management, Sales Administration, Corporate Finance, Business Law, Human Resource Management and Accounting.

Looking to get more knowledge about BBA education in Gujarat or searching for best BBA College for career enhancement? We are here to help you. Visit BPCBA campus and interact with faculty members regarding the same and we would be happy to answer your all queries.


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