The students who have recently passed out with the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration know that the current business scenario is vastly different than the one that was a decade ago. The fact that the today’s graduate are amongst the new trends of business management that mostly grow and learn into the era of industrial liberalisation. The current scenario of BBA education is mainly focus not on the business management or administration but about creating solid foundation for the master degree in management like MBA or MBM. Furthermore there are new aspects of learning are now introduced by some of the top BBA colleges in Gujarat like E-learning, giving more exposure to practical studies and obtaining industrial training as a part of the regular curriculum.

The course of BBA is generally expanded into the parts of three years which is also spread out in six semesters in total. However, according to the latest trends in Gujarat, some of the college of business administration are planning to introduce trimester system where they can emphasise more on students with small syllabus per exam organised in more regular duration. This will lead to the better industrial and practical exposure as well by counting each trimester as industrial project every year. It will also help students to get ready for real managerial education in MBA. Also the latest trends of E-learning like managing classes on Internet gaining popularity and helping students who couldn’t make out to some of the best BBA colleges in Gujarat. It also helps students to interact with more number of students directly on the base of Internet and share knowledge.

On a ground reality we can say that above mentioned trends are not implemented on a grand scale to all the BBA colleges in Gujarat, it has certainly helps some of the institute to gain better popularity and students to get knowledge beyond the classrooms.

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