Integrated five years MBA is program is amongst the new trends that getting competitive compare to the traditional three years BBA plus two years of MBA program. Actually both starts with three years undergraduate level BBA program that is designed for the students passed 10+2 intermediate school education.

The eligibility criteria for both of the course are same as they requires to pass 10+2 with good marks to get into best BBA college in Gujarat. Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree course spanned for three years that offers excellent introduction to organisational culture and develops interpersonal skills as well. While the integrated MBA course is spanned for five years and those who pursue gets degree of MBA at the successful end of fifth year. The possible difference between BBA+MBA and integrated five years MBA are mentioned below.

BBA Advantage

Degree education of BBA is offered by almost all universities in Gujarat and upon completion of the course, the candidate will be awarded with degree of Bachelor Of Business Administration. BBA graduate can pursue their master degree with multiple choices. Here the advantage of the course is that you can get second option if you want to change your stream and diver to other subject of courses. After BBA one can pursue his career of education into MCA, M.Sc.IT, PGDBM from IIMs or from any other reputed institutes. The student can also get a chance to take a break from the education for some personal reason or to get industrial experience by working in some professional organisations. Such experience can help students in large amount before enrolling into MBA degree.

Some of the lucrative areas for those who have completed BBA examinations are mentioned below.

– Sales & Distribution.
– Direct Marketing.
– Product Promotion.
– Operations.
– Banking.
– Finance

Integrated Five Years MBA Advantage

The integrated MBA program is offered by few colleges in Gujarat compare to the BBA. This allows students to get qualify for having MBA degree education based on their 10+2 merit and get specialisation into Marketing, Finance, HR, IT Management, Operations and many other management subjects.

Core Difference Between Two Courses

Integrated MBA degree based on the 10+2 merit list can prove an economic decision compare to the BBA+MBA option including you can rest assure for your MBA admission based on the three year degree. Also you need no have to search for the other institutes for master degree. However this can prove as a negative advantage as well because you cannot move to other courses or colleges based on your degree course. You got fix chance to get your MBA done.

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