The bachelor degree in business management is considered as a stepping stone to enter into the field of business administration and to become CEO or MD of any company. However, the course of BBA is not taken seriously as it should be and at the end student just enroll with the degree of BBA but not the knowledge it requires. It counts as great misfortune or comedy as millions of students every year opt for the BBA education but end up with frustration of not getting proper job or higher study possibilities. Mainly the degree of BBA is considered as a course for the left out after the 10+2 stage for the students who failed to get admission to other degree courses like BCA and B.Sc. IT, some of the candidates passing BBA have claim the statement wrong based on the opportunities they got.

What To Do After BBA?

There are many career options available for the intelligent students passing out the BBA examinations from some top BBA college in Gujarat with good results. These candidates can opt for higher education for degrees like MBA, PGDBM, MCA or others. Also they can think about doing a job into professional organisations into the sectors of Banking, Insurance, Sales & Distribution, Production and IT. Hospitality and tourism industry is also one of the booming sectors in Gujarat that can consume all these students with good knowledge. Thus the eligible students can have various career options to pursue his or her career.


It is completely wrong to say that the degree of BBA – Bachelor Of Business Administration is for the students of left outs from the other degree courses. There are many college of business administration in Gujarat that makes your career as a good business administrator based on your degree and education. Therefore at the end the observation about BBA needs to be changed.

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